Red Baron Brick Oven Pizza and beach pigeons …

Posted By on October 11, 2022


With a lot of football watching in the evening last week while on vacation in Delray Beach, our appetite was for pizza. Normally we might have ordered it from a pizza shop,BeachBubUmbrella5star220505 but since Target had Red Baron pizzas on sale for $3.99, we opted for their Brick Oven medium pizza. Shockingly, neither Brenda or I had ever had this brand of frozen pizza, but it quickly has become a favorite (I think we fixed 3 of them last week — one Classic crust and then our favorite the Brick Oven Pepperoni).

Another leftover photo was of the "beach pigeons" who seemed to have taken over the normal seagull nuisance … although there really were not a bother, but just hanging out pretty close to our beach drop cloth (yes, we use a lightweight paint drop cloth with our Beachbub umbrella).



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