Midterm elections could not be more important this year

Posted By on October 16, 2022


It’s simple: between the Federal Reserve spewing out more than $4 trillion in cheap money over the past year, and Congress signing off on “relief” packages totaling an unprecedented $3 trillion, there is too much money chasing too few goods.


Inflation will only get hotter if Biden and congressional Democrats press ahead with even more grandiose spending, attempting to insert the federal government into every nook and cranny of Americans’ lives.

From The Hill (7/15/21@LizPeek) back in the summer of 2021

For those who are unhappy with political leadership in the United States, the midterm election couldn’t be more critical. We’ve had rising inflation since President Biden took office in January 2020 and with Democrats in full control of the House and Senate, our political leaders have driven our country to the brink of crisis in every area they touch. Spending is out of control as they shovel tax dollars into pet projects and buying of votes and even once fiscally responsible Democrats are blindly going along with the  progressives leftists in their party. Our country has overnight given up energy independence for the green agenda, gone soft on crime by attacking law enforcement and border patrol. They entice millions to illegally cross our southern border thwarting US immigration law and send billions of taxpayer dollars overseas, to their union buddies and are forgiving student debt without addressing the cost (or educational quality) of a college education.

Now it would be great to believe that just voting Republican would solve the leadership problem, but we’ve all been there and disappointed before. AbsenteeBallot2022On the other hand, if we don’t change course right now and put someone else in charge, it is clear Democrats aren’t planning to change course … and we’re not even talking about the pitiful foreign policy under the Biden administration.

I’m doing my part and voting absentee this November … yes, a straight Republican ticket. There is not a Democrat I can trust to think independently or disagree when the party leadership is off track. I only hope that “when” the GOP take control that they stick to their “Commitment to America” agenda like Newt Gingrich did with President Clinton back in the 1990s. Let’s save America!


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