Music Monday: “La Bomba” from the 1958 and 1987

Posted By on October 17, 2022

Los Lobos performing at the White House in 2009

Ritchie_Valens_Promotional_PhotoAlthough there are likely several other musicians and recording of the song “La Bomba,” the two artists that come to mind are Ritchie Valens version LaBambaposter1987in 1958 and then the Los Lobos recording in 1987 which was the title track for the film La Bomba in 1987 about Valens. Both versions make even my toe tap … but I have zero musical talent.

  Ritchie Valens LIVE
    “La Bomba”
| 1958

  Los Lobos
    “La Bomba”
| 1987


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