Music Monday: “I Don’t Want To Know” – Fleetwood Mac

Posted By on October 3, 2022

FleetwoodMac_IDontWanttoKnowSeveral years ago in 2018, Fleetwood Mac was at the top of my music listening as was evident by the number of posts regardingIMG_2670 a Rumours of Fleetwood Mac concert Brenda and I enjoyed in Cincinnati. It doesn’t seem possible that was 4 years ago?

Since I personally have rated their “Rumours” album the best album of 1977 (perhaps all times?) and was recently listening to “I Don’t Want to Know” on the SiriusXM Classic Rewind channel, it seems appropriate to include for today’s Music Monday.

  Fleetwood Mac – “I Don’t Want to Know” | Remastered 2004

It is still a great song from a great album – stay tuned for a Christine McVie tidbitwhen it shows up (she teased on social media wondering “where this dress could be”).



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