Archiving our early 2022 Christmas present: A New Rug

Posted By on December 23, 2022


Brenda has struggled most of the year to find a replacement Oriental or Persian Rug for our Great Room after retiring our original rug to my office. NewChristmasRug221223In November, Katelyn connected her with “Donald,” the decorator she is using to help with their homebuilding, and after several Facetime calls finally decided on a VERY large and relatively muted rug. After a long drive down from Toledo in order to be here for our family Christmas, Donald and “his muscle” (as he called him) rolled out the new smelly pad (fresh rubber material?) and new rug. After some furniture tweaking and pondering, the result made Brenda very happy.


As the old adage goes, “Happy Wife, Happy Life” or if that is somewhat chauvinistic (?), how about the more contemporary, “Happy Spouse, Happy House?”


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