Proposing our family listen to a podcast on Christmas Eve

Posted By on December 24, 2022

Jane Wells has been a reporter for CNBC (“Janie” as the late Mark Haines called her)  that I’ve followed for years while watching business news channels (or should I have said, “is a ‘has-been’ reporter?” – hopefully a little humor that she would appreciate!). Anyway, I always smiled when watching her “quirky” stories JaneWellsTwitterPhotoDec2022and reporting … and even her brief Seinfeld TV sitcom appearance (Jane still mentions residual checks!)

This past year I’ve exchanged with her a bit more on Twitter (profile photo to right – do see what I mean, “quirky”), read her personal blog and now substack blog … and enjoyed some of her family life stories (hubinator, grandson, etc) … as well as her “Camino de Santiago” trek.

In 2020, during the COVID19 lockdown, she decided to work on another project that ended up  … well,quirky

I’ll insert below to define what I mean by the term since I’ve mentioned it three times above and don’t want the description to be taken derogatorily:

QUIRKY: unusual in an attractive and interesting way.” 

Back to the 2020 project … 

Jane Wells decided that it would be fun to “retell the greatest story ever told”The Christmas Story “as if modern media and social media existed 2,000 years ago” (see “If Twitter Existed in 6AD").  So in 2020 with her kids GreatestStoryJesusArtencouragement, she started a Kickstarter campaign to hire actors and produced Top Story Tonight Podcasts to tell the story and since this is a Christmas Eve post, the two-part podcast  will share them”

  1. Christmas! Part 1
    “The Road to Bethlehem”
  2. Christmas! Part 2
    “A star is born, and a king doesn’t like it.“

Be sure to check out the extras as worth listening to as well. Personally I’m planning to listen to the Easter series (trailer) next year as we celebrate our risen Lord – yes, I’m late to the game for these enjoyable podcasts.

Merry Christmas to all who are reading MyDesultoryBlog on Christmas Eve.

I always have the fear that links will get changed, files will be removed or services like Spreaker will disappear … so since they offer the audio downloads, it always feels better to save the downloaded files (click or right-click and save-as):

  1. Christmas! Part 1
    “The Road to Bethlehem” (mp3)
  2. Christmas! Part 2
    “A star is born, and a king doesn’t like it.“ (mp3)


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