Moving back into the home office and pondering family artists

Posted By on July 30, 2022

This past weekend I started what is going to be a slow, but deliberative process of moving out of the basement and back into the upstairs home office. No window blinds yet, but we did move the oriental rug from our first floor to the upstairs (Brenda would like to get something new for the Great Room). It looks great in the office and deadens the echo sound a little bit.


RuthBluhm_BoysOnBeach1968When I moved out and started the updates, I didn’t realized just how long it would be … or just how much I would enjoy working out of the cooler basementBUT, the new set up is very nice too and I am doing my utmost NOT to fill it back up with 20-30 years of home office junk. I will eventually get my maps and nautical charts up on the cork wall and try to rotate a few(1) of my grandmother’s(2) many(3), many(4), paintings(5) (Ruth Bluhm) as well as a couple from my great Uncle Ray Grathwol, but I’m in no rush to hang them.


RuthBluhm_TreehouseTreeLagoonDr1965For now, the hefty laser printer remains in the basement and am looking to strategically add a ShantyTown_1940_RayGrathwol_mcouple small shelves in the closet to house the digital TV hardware in order to keep it out of sight.


I own neither of the above 1940s Ray Grathwol “Shanty Town” or Akron city scene,
but will someday archive the art that I do own, including one of our boat Brenich.


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