Megan, Taylor and Gigi … and Tootsie to make it #TBT

Posted By on May 25, 2023

It looks as if the dog Megan found a month or so ago … and tried to find its owner (it was probably abandoned) … has now found a new home with Taylor and Megan. They have named her Gigi.

Taylor, Megan and Gigi - May 21, 2023

Since both Megan and Taylor have grown up with dogs, perhaps it is no surprise that they are both warm-hearted and would like to give this animal a home. Unfortunately, a dog of this breed (pitbull mixed) is likely one that dog shelters find difficulty in finding homes, especially if there are children around.

Unfortunately we hear of way too many stories of a gentle family pitbull, or pitbull mix dog, turning on children and viciously biting (and in too many cases the bite/attack ends up in death). All I can say is “I voiced my opinion strongly” and would have preferred that if they MUST have a dog, that it should be a different breed. So now Taylor and Megan, my lecture is to be very careful, do not trust her around children or other animals. There is a liability and danger of this breed … so reconsider one more time at to what is wise. I know you are both adults now and make decisions for yourselves, but sometimes the safest thing even at this point is to “just. say no,” it is not worth the risk.   

Here are dog attack statistics on breeds that were responsible for a dog bite-related fatality:

  1. Pit bulls – 284 deaths
  2. Rottweiler – 45 deaths
  3. German Shepherd – 20 deaths
  4. Mixed Breeds – 17 deaths
  5. American Bulldog – 15 deaths
  6. Mastiff – 14 deaths
  7. Siberian Husky – 13 deaths

In addition to Pitbulls, Rottweilers have obtained an unfavorable reputation over the years. Combining the figures for both dogs computes to 76% of the total fatal dog attacks.


And to end my negativity and lecture on a brighter note … and something that brings fond memories for me … here’s a photo of our late dog Tootsie with her head stuck in a box. This is a Throwback Thursday #TBT photo that brings a smile to my face.

Tootsie - September 9, 2014


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