Music Monday: “Imagine” by Music Travel Love and Friends

Posted By on June 12, 2023

Bob and ClintOne cannot watch ANY of the videos by Music Travel Love and not be enamored by the beauty in the travel videography of their productions. The scenery aside, their singing of favorite hits throughout time is excellent and have me wanting to buy more of their music and hope for more beautiful travel. Most of the songs are of the easy listening genre and very well done … especially when “with friends” … as with John Lennon’s Imagine … in the YouTube video at the bottom.

  Music Travel Love
    “It’s Alright”
| 2019

I was planning on adding Music Monday audio from The Moffatts, but after seeing Bob and Clint in their Music Travel Love videos, decided it was much more attractive to promote their YouTube channel videos on my blog and just the single “It’s Alright” first released in 1963 by The Impressions.  


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