Tech Friday: It could be time to upgrade our home network?

Posted By on June 23, 2023

AltaFiber Speed Increase - June 1, 2023A couple of weeks ago, our our mostly flawless fiber service with AltaFiber (was Cincinnati Bell) was upgraded to a faster speed. Our Internet service has been as fast as we have needed and relatively stable for the last couple of years. Personally, nothing needs anything to change …Mesh Network except perhaps a lower monthly price?

That said, I’ve known the weakest link in our home network is an inexpensive Mesh (4-mesh points) in combination with a wired hub, an additional router and 39 mixed wireless and 7 or so wired devices. Although I’d like to see the speed … I really don’t want to rock the boat.

At some point we may decide to cut the cord and eliminate our cable TV and DVR service (half the monthly cost) and just opt for streaming everything … but I’d miss recording sporting events to watch later and having access to live cable news.

Since we have a second wireless network router still running in the basement (ISP supplied) .. I bypassed the Mesh set-up to see it that was the slowdown — the opposite! It was even slower (Orca – Mesh on left and Zy – Alta Fiber supplied on right). 

Orca Wireless - Mesh network Zy wireless - Alta Fiber router

Adding a test from a VPN connection:


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