Our new home Internet Mesh network is up and running

Posted By on August 14, 2019

MyMeshNework190808Our current NetGear Nighthawk R7000 router has been exceptionally stable considering the issues I’ve had with cheaper routers and networked devices in the past. I’m pretty happy with it, but in order to get solid coverage, had to add a WiFi Range Extender to cover the detached garage and poolhouse (and yet still have weak spots). So, since I have ongoing issues in keeping the older and inexpensive router at the Florida Condo up and running, it made sense to upgrade to a Mesh System at home and move the NetGear Nighthawk to the condo before our winter renters arrive.Mesh-1

I looked at the Google Mesh set-up Drew and Katelyn have, but it is a bit overpriced and I tend to resist being part of the data collection business marketing model used by many of the technology giants; the whole “what are they doing with my data” thing  concerns me. Of course with our new less expensive MeshForce equipment and MyMesh app … and modem hardware supplied by our ISP, Cincinnati Bell Fioptics, who knows what is being collected or being sent overseas? Besides totally unplugging from wire and wireless devices … or using VPNs, blockers, spoofing, cookie blocks/cleaners and making life ridiculously painful … I’m not sure how much privacy we really have anymore? 


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