Books: “Profiles In Courage” by John F. Kennedy

Posted By on December 3, 2023

On the recommendation of General Keith Kellogg this past week, I check out the late Senator and President John F. Kennedy book from the library. It was written in 1956 called “Profiles In Courage.” Having grown up with a larger than life version of President Kennedy, I started reading immediately (also, the book “John F. Kennedy and PT-109” was a highlight in my early school reading years). Oh how the Democratic Party has changed … and in my opinion, “progressively” for the worse.  

Profiles In Courage Chapter one

My summary goes like this and applies equally to all who are in public service:

It’s not always politically wise to take positions and make decisions based on what is best for one personal career or short term gains … but to make the often difficult decision that is best for one’s country. Those who are elected to political parties are always being tugged this way or that based on loud voices and personal survival in elected office … but it take courage for patriots to make the best decisions the country as a whole. 


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