Friday Filler humor: Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force

Posted By on October 15, 2021

Who doesn’t enjoy a funny military rivalry video clip. HA!


Our first Mercedes Benz sedan, but not the oldest #TBT

Posted By on October 14, 2021


Although I’ve highlighted our 1987 Mercedes Benz 560 SEL before (see photo in front of my parent’s house in Sidney) and this fall photo at West Branch State Park reminds me that autumn isHagertyValue_Hagerty211012 the perfect time to take my current 1982 MB 300D Turbodiesel out for a drive. The ‘87 was one of those great driving cars (especially on the highway) and it would  be nice to still own… especially after noticing the Hagerty valuation.

As for the photo above, it was taken when the kids were pretty young in 1991 when we lived in NE Ohio30 years ago! Wow!


All in all, the car makes for great memories for a Throwback Thursday #TBT post.

Tidbits: A favorite kitchen product – Glad Press’n Seal

Posted By on October 13, 2021


When it comes to  tools in the workshop, there are a few of them that I keep at arm’s length or in a small toolbox. The same goes for kitchen utensils and products.

One of my favorites, if not thee favorite, is GLAD Press’n Seal® wrap (mentioned year’s ago when I still had a Keurig). It is so easy to use that we’re reluctant to reach for plastic containers or zip-lock bags. Just stretch this “one-half tacky” plastic over a bowl or wrap a piece of fruit, stick it in the refrigerator and move on … no matching up lids or discolored over-microwaved plastic containers to mess with … we could seriously gain some kitchen cabinet space by tossing a bunch of those old containers?

From not being diversified to owning too many tickers?

Posted By on October 12, 2021

AreYouDiversifiedFor most investors, the normal criticism is that they are not diversified enough … or at least they often own too much of one sector or one stock (happened in the old days when companies often matched or did a partial match in company stock). I’ve tried to keep “diversity” in mind over my lifetime of investing, but noticed that I drift towards buying over-sold sectors. The wise investor stays away from too much in one sector like being overweight in on area or one stock … sort of like I was with technology a few decades ago. But when the tech sector became popular or in my view began to get too hot, I took the contrarian route and sold … way too soon I might add. There is something to be said for a rising tide lifting all boats when the crowd piles in … stay in a while! Unfortunately when investments seemed overvalued, I got and still get nervous.

It is happening again with the changing business cycle (graph below). I’ve been long in the out of favor energy sector for a few years now, especially as it comes under attack by climate extremists and bureaucrats. We all still use it and need it, but the heavy hand of big government rarely manages the change appropriately. We’re shifting from fossil fuels to wind, solar and cleaner renewables and the pressure is on to give up fossil fuels in westernBusinessCycle countries before replacements are adequate. Politicians, in the name of a cleaner planet, dictatorially use their power to regulate, legislate, incentivize and tax to stop pipelines, fracking and new exploration; unfortunately its causing energy prices rise and pinching those they govern. In response, it gives them an excuse to grow government and provide more redistribution, entitlement programs and welfare. 

As the business cycle “expands” coming out of the pandemic and the economy reopens, the demand for energy rises and naturally outpaces supply (restricted already by left leaning politicians) which in turn benefit countries and companies profiting from gas and oil (Iran, Saudi Arabia, Russia, etc) … and still using coal (China). Existing domestic companies can’t produce enough energy so we import more, commodity prices and we are forced to import more (using tanker ships, rail and trucks).  The herd trade is to buy those companies profiting. Hold too much in energy though, makes me nervous. I should just sit tight and let the tide lift my boat too … but I find myself itching to sell?

So if I’m going to sell, I might as well make the most of this urge and use it as an excuse to rebalance investments (really a good thing). I’m starting to shift from being overweight in high-dividend energy stocks to something more balanced ETFs and CEFs. Today my approach was to focus on adding a couple utilities $NEE, $XLU, $FUTY. Of course when looking at the holdings, they all hold the same thing as my current $VPU utility holding … which means I’m overweight in utilities now.


Next … it will be time to sift through the pile of funds and ticker symbols and decide just how many can be watched and are needed in the same portfolio –  I already know several ETFs and CEFs duplicate the same balance of holdings. 

Music Monday: Redbone – “Come And Get Your Love” (LIVE)

Posted By on October 11, 2021

ReboneLiveIn keeping with a inclusive music from the 1970s for Music Monday, you Come_and_Get_Your_Love_-_Redbonecan’t get much more American melting-pot inclusive than the band Redbone. The Mexican-American / Native American rock band even gets their band name from a Cajun term for “mixed-race” person … and who doesn’t love DancingWMusicNotes_anitheir stage show and music? Here’s their 1974 song “Come And Get Your Love.”


Archive: Weekend chores, family photos and a drip distraction

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TRILLIONs more in spending? IRS tracking at the $600 level? Where are the sensible leaders in our Federal government?

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If you think about it, the IRS will probably need far more than another $80 BILLION tax dollars to hire enough agents to track and follow up on every American who has a bank account or transaction over $600?

TaxesDue_sA major component of President Joe Biden’s plan to raise revenue to pay for his trillions of dollars in new federal spending is now under fire from trade associations across the country.

The Biden administration has made clear its plan to beef up IRS auditing by expanding the agency’s funding and power. Biden’s latest proposal would require banks to turn over to the Internal Revenue Service bank account information for all accounts holding more than $600.


I’m not sure who advises the “so called moderate – back to normal” politician who ran for POTUS in 2020 (well, as I recall Joe Biden didn’t campaign much?)AOCIllustrationSocialistBernieSanders_sbut spending $1.2 Trillion for infrastructure paired with a $3.5 Trillion (calculated much higher) is frightening for any economy. How can anyone in their right mind that isn’t lying claim that this kind of big government spending will not cost anything help “build back America better?” 

Do economically literate US citizens (or anyone with common sense) … even naïve Marxist and Socialist believing Americans … believe any of this or trust President Biden or Democrats controlling Congress on any issues anymore? 


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