Polling America: “How are we doing?”

Posted By on May 19, 2005

The answer for most elected to serve us is that “you don’t want to know.”

Polls are a way of life in the political beltway of Washington DC and our Amreican media. Its also one way in which we get feedback on how our elected officials are performing. I’m not so sure the results of latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal Survey (click for PDF) are all that encouraging? Perhaps those that are running for re-election better have alternate plans?

As I was reading through the results, the common thread I was noticing was that the public’s patience with our elected representatives is growing thin on a variety of issues. Not since the Democratic congress was tossed out in 1994 have Americans been so unhappy with Congress. Interestingly, President Bush has continued a steady 47% approval, and although not stellar, looks good in comparison to the 33% approval and 51% disapproval of congress. That polling is almost at the level of the 1994 revolt: 32% approval to 56% disapproval.

A particular issue that I noticed was the change in how Americans ‘expected’ congress and the President to work together: Do you think that Congress and the President are working together to end the gridlock in Washington, or do you think that things will stay pretty much as they are now because Congress and the President always have differences?
Poll Question 9 WSJ/NBC

With the 2006 election not all that far away, the Republican controlled congress better get a focus on something? It seems they will be working to unite around the economy as when life at home changes for the better, there is usually a positive response at the polls for those desiring to take credit. About the only thing going for the seated Republicans is that the Democratic Party’s image hasn’t improved either.


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