Virgin Galactic shows off their “mother ship”

Posted By on July 28, 2008

Virgin Galatic Mother ship
Obviously timed to the first day of Oshkosh Wisconsin’s AirventureRichard Branson’s Virgin Galactic opened their Mojave Desert hanger for a media announcement today which gave a peak at what their aerospace engineers have been working on — previous posts here and here. The spaceship which is designed to launch their spaceship to the 62 mile mark for a mere 5-minute flight in space.

Sales have been remarkable in my opinion as the risk-taker not only might be putting his life on the line, but is shelling out a deposit of $200,000 for that chance — 250 people have already done so. One customer. an artist Namira Salim, stated “having invested all my faith in it, I’m so excited to see the actual thing.”
Virgin Galactic Artist Concept
The photo above is an updated Artist concept drawing of Virgin Galactic’s “mother ship” used to launch the rocket powered spaceship into space — see my photos of Spaceship One at Airventure a few years ago.


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