Music Monday: Does Cincinnati still love Jimmy Buffett in 2022?

Posted By on July 25, 2022


DaveMegan220721An especially “cool” Jimmy Buffett concert in Cincinnati, Ohio was enjoyed by Taylor’s Megan and her Parrothead father Dave. As usual (except thru COVID), they were at the annual Riverbend concert and enjoyed the up close and personal and more intimate side of the concert.


Dave Schnieder, a Cincinnati teacher and football coach all of his life, has worked concert security at Riverbend and over the years has established a fond relationship with Jimmy Buffett and Mac McAnally. He has also “corrupted” (humor) his daughter into enjoying Jimmy Buffett’s music and showmanship as JimmyBufffettSweatwristband220721have many parents … and now grandparents over the years (we are no long talking “Pirate looks at Forty” or 50 or 60 anymore). 

And what fan wouldn’t like having Jimmy give you his wristband after the concert?


Megan was kind enough … or just loved rubbing in the evening 😉 … to share a few photos a a video (below) from the night. The photo below stood out as I can clearly remember buying the Coconut Telegraph vinyl album in 1981! Ah,  Music memories



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