What Obamacare will cost if you are in your 20s or 30s

Posted By on July 27, 2013

obamacarenocoveragepremiumThe question posed by the WSJ this past week was “will the young and give up disposable income to pay for health insurance” or with they pay the penalty until it becomes too expensive?

It has been difficult to explicate the complex and questionably titled “Affordable Care Act” – Obamacare to many who are politically uninterested when it comes to the cost and care when government dictates health care decisions. The WSJ graphic (below break) is a poignant illustration for those who are younger and healthier when it comes to paying for health insurance. The “seller” of Obamacare (President Obama himself) has ballyhooed the early perks and at what is perceived as “free” in the short term, particularly since nationally we’ve extended childhood until age 26, expanded Medicaid and included pre-existing conditions.“Children” are now covered by law on a parent’s health plan, but its not free, someone is paying. Those who are younger  and statistically healthier notice few negative changes since going to the doctor is a rarity, unless they have a baby. Some Gen-Xers might be sharp enough to realize that Obamacare is one of the reasons they may be under or unemployed … that is unless they are jaded by politicians, left wing activists and the liberally slanted media outlets, all who support a more socialized America. Those groups, willingly or unwillingly, support policies that expand America’s entitlement class and growing divide between the takers and the makers.




Come on PEOPLE! Independence and ambition is what built our great country … sadly, it is entirely possible that dependence and a sense of entitlement may be what brings our undoing. Do you need current day examples — Greece, Spain, etc.



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