Paslode battery conversion works and more fence repairs

Posted By on July 25, 2023

Last weekend I toyed with the idea of converting one of my NiCad Paslode batteries over to Lithium-Ion. I picked up the charging module circuit board with DC voltage boosting and “thought” this might be a simple solution. Paslode Nailer w Lithium Ion batteryOh not so quick … 4+ hours later … it was not so easy to stuff two parallel connected 18650 4VDC cells, plus the circuit board, wiring and a micro power switch into the existing casing (cut open with a Dremel tool).

Testing circuit  

The smarter move would have been to just purchase an off-brand battery for $20, but then where’s the fun in that! 

While I was working on the tool, I decided to prestain a few replacement boards for the fence before installing. This is on-going repairing is going to be a never-ending task. 

More fence repair and pre-staining


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