Waiting on our Elio

Posted By on July 27, 2014


The interesting Elio “personal vehicle” has interested me since I first saw the companies marketing some time ago, but recentely decided that I wanted to get my reservation (with the 50% promo) in before it expires. The car, if you call it that, is price much lower than one would expect and looks to offer just about everything needed in a budget minded commuter vehicle … including great fuel economy – 84mpg. Sure I’d prefer a diiesel or hybrid, but then that would add to the cost and complexity. This new all-American company could be the next Tesla, although I wonder if their business model with current promoted pricing, reminiscent of the Yugo of the 1980s, will be profitable? Personally I expect that the price will be higher when the vehicle is finally available.


That said, I’m “in” with this little 3-wheel commuter and really want to see them do well. Get your pre-order reservation in before September 1, 2014.


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