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Posted By on June 8, 2005

RallyVW Golf
* The photo above is a VW Golf TDI Rally car raced by Jon Hamilton of Marysville, Ohio. See team RallyVW.

I saw a forwarded email post to the group yesterday and want to share it … unfortunately only ‘rabid’ VW TDI owners and drivers will understand it.

1. When you meet a stranger in a TDI you start excitedly talking about mufflerectomies, ventectomies, and tire pressure and they look at you blankly, gather their kids and leave.

2. When you have your friends in your car and you make them look at the trip odometer when it shows 600 miles on the tank. (And you get a little mad when they just don’t really seem to care…)

3. You pretend to do the math on your tank when you’re filling up. As soon as you finish filling up, you excitedly proclaim.. “15.1 gallons.. 755 miles.. that’s 50 mpg!” just loud enough for everyone within 30 feet to hear.

4.You’ve ever gone to 5 places for motor oil and shake your head in disgust because the people there have never heard of the VW 505.00 specification, and then feel pretty good because you know what the 505 spec is– sort of…

5. You freak when someone tries to sound out TDI trying to figure out what it means.. “Turbo um… Diesel.. um.. something..” (NNnnoooo you idiot!!!– It’s Turbo Direct Injection) Even though you don’t know if there is a Turbo Indirect Injection or Turbo direct non-injection or whatever…) but you’re pretty sure there might be.

6. You find that for fun you drive aimlessly around for hours at a time.

7. Your 1 year old car has 37,000 miles on it— and that fact doesnt bother you.

8. When the light turns green you stomp the go pedal and leave everyone in your dust.. And when you get stopped at the next light and they all finally catch up, you rationalize it by thinking “Even though I did that… I STILL got better mileage than they did”

9. You’ve considered taking off necessary and legally required parts of your car just to get an 2 extra miles per gallon “hmm… Those mirrors… I don’t REALLY need them do I??? OR I wonder if the windshield comes out..”

10. You pull up behind another VW thinking at a distance that it’s a TDI and feel a bit sorry for the other driver when you don’t see TDI on the trunk. (sigh, maybe I can help them.. )

11. You’ve ever called your Vw dealer and asked when the Convertable Beetle TDI or Cabrio TDI is coming out.

12. You quickly follow up with “but it’s all about torque” after you tell someone that your car has 90 Hp. Even though you don’t know exactly what torque does.

13. You’re on a job interview and think it’s perfectly OK to work into the conversation that your car is a TDI, even though it has no relevence for the job.

14.. Cleaning your snow screen in the summer somehow makes perfect sense to you.

15. On long trips you actually get angry at yourself because YOU have to stop to go to the bathroom, 3 times before your car needs fuel.

16. You know when refueling that when the fuel pump shuts off, (the first time) that’s the signal that you should open all your doors and clean out your car. You understand the importance of Diesel Fuel Foam and know that it’s kind of like the sand in an hourglass. After 2 minutes it is once again time to resume pumping the last 2 gallons of diesel fuel into your tank.

17. You know Venting and Air Conditioning are two totally unrelated things.

18. You roll down your windows when you drive next to a wall, solid fence, or building just so you can hear the turbo whine.

19. You sometimes sing the theme song to “Convoy” just because you now stop at Truck stops for fuel. “Dark of the moon, on the 5th of June and a Kenworth pullin’ log, Cab-over Pete with a Reefer on and a Jimmy haulin’ hogs..” And scoff at people who aren’t “man enough” to use the high volume hose… (until you spill a half gallon of fuel on your shoes..)

20… The reason you know you’re obscessed with TDI’s is when you pull intoa gas station, you know 15 different ways to tell the attendant ” Yes.. I know it’s a Diesel pump” when they refuse to turn it on for you.


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