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Posted By on October 22, 2019

ElioInsideTopOne thing about waiting for a start-up car company to build a car is that I’m learning a lot more about the automotive manufacturing process. Nowadays, many of the parts are manufactured by suppliers to the automotive industry and then assembled. The same will be true for the unique Elio Motors three wheel tandem seating hypermiler (if it ever eventually gets financed and begins the assembly process).

One of the positives is that they do continue to send out a weekly email … usually not updating the situation or making promises … but to talk about the design and building process. This past week’s email was about Digital Buck, or a bit more generically, tools for design or Digital Mockup

A Look Inside
The Manufacturing Process

The idea of something new is exciting. Today, the terms “new” and “reliable” are practically synonymous. When a new item comes into our possession we fully expect that the item has been thoroughly tested and any potential bugs have long been resolved: any product that falls short can be an immediate disappointment. It was not long ago, however, that many were leery of purchasing a new vehicle because of the variables that accompanied the purchase. For the most part, those days are comfortably in the rearview mirror. Luckily, through several technological advancements, new vehicles are stunningly dependent and reliable. At Elio Motors, we are ensuring at every stage that our vehicles will be reliable by utilizing tools such as the Digital Buck.




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