EAA 284 August 12, 2005 Meeting Wrap up

Posted By on August 15, 2005

Another excellent ‘educational’ EAA284 meeting yesterday at our chapter hanger. We enjoy a brief time of socialization and chatting about the brochures and photos collected at Airventure 2005 over burger and brats fixed by Bob Luken. I know everyone enjoyed the food … as usual.

EAA 284 Meeting 8.14.2005

After the meeting was casually called to order we had a chance to meet Skip Raymond (and his wife) the president of Greene County’s EAA Chapter 382. His purpose in attending was to discern the need for the eight Dayton area EAA chapters in working together. There were comments of networking, pulling together for more ambious events, tech councilors and socialization. He reflect a bit on history of the EAA in our area and the pro’s and con’s of pooling talents in promoting the EAA and aviation. After a lukewater question, answer and opinion session, we focused back on our more pressing needs of volunteer workers and preparation for the Pancake Breakfast and Tail Dragger FlyIn on September 4th. (don’t forget the Airshow the evening of September 3rd)

EAA 284 Meeting 8.14.2005

One of our more talented members, Dick Elliot offered some instruction on tube cutting techniques and angle calculation. (and answered a few question in regards to welding options; he referenced a previous ‘hand’s on’ meeting that many in attendance also appreciated.) He recommended a reasonably priced simple software package from Steel Fabrications in Australia; the simplicity of making intricate angles is amazing using this software and Dick’s technique. What an asset to being an EAA member having people like Dick available to share what he has learned. I hope to have more meetings that include this kind of instruction.

EAA 284 Meeting 8.14.2005

I know that we all appreciated Dick’s time and effort (and his son’s help) in setting up and showing us some of the things that took him hours to master. Thanks again Dick.

BTW … anyone who enjoys aviation and airplanes is invited to the Pancake breakfast … if you have a youngster, we’ll be having Young Eagles introductory flights from 11AM until 2PM.


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