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Posted By on April 30, 2008

What’s better than a home library of original EAA (Experimental Aviation Association) newsletters and magazines for checking out past articles and tidbits for homebuilders? All the past issues available online with a browse and search feature. Wow!
Experimenter issue one

Now that’s a great way to put technology to use and a really nice bonus for EAA members (members only) who enjoy knowing a bit more history of their organization and find past articles and photos of interest. Believe it or not, the folks in Oshkosh have gone through the trouble to create a digital archive for all the issues of the original Experimenter Newsletter and Sport Aviation Magazine and made them available to members at members.eaa.org.
adThat’s 59,000 pages from 1953 to 2006 for those counting! Interestingly the original newsletter was typed at the home of Paul Poberezny and brings back memories (not mine mind you) of the homebuilt and experimental aircraft organizations humble beginnings in Milwaukee Wisconsin. Check out the For Sale ad … $75! Its heartwarming to know where we are now, and where it all began back in those early days. Currently the archives are in the “beta testing” phase, so if you are a member give it a try. Browse, search, print and offer comments to info@eaa.org with “SA Online” in the subject field if you spot any problems. Well done EAA!


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