Donna Lange celebrated in Bristol, Rhode Island

Posted By on May 1, 2007

Donna Lange is welcomed homeFrom all accounts and an email from Donna, the festivities in Bristol were pretty humbling or as she herself writes: “Life is beyond amazing at this point. The events happening are surreal. Someone pinch me.” The past week has been a whirlwind for Donna Lange, as she managed to give speeches, share some music and meet … and “hug” … many of those who had encouraged her along the way. The legislature in Rhode Island even declared April 28th as “Donna Lange Day!” She is the 46th American to solo sail around the world — the 257th person worldwide according to Ted Jones, chairman of the Joshua Slocum Society. The organizers of the event did a great job — I only wish I would have made the trip a priority.

She is planning to return to Bermuda this week and after repairing “Inspired Insanity” will sail the final jaunt back to Rhode Island. Her intentions after that are to work on a book and involve herself in one or more of the many humanitarian and environmental issues that she is attracted to. I’m hoping that we’ll notice her voice in continuing to support for renewable energy, and in particular promoting the marine use of biodiesel.

Here are a couple of the presentations posted at
* House Resolution: proclaming April 28, 2007, “Donna Lange Day in the State of Rhode Island” by Representative Douglas Gabinske
* Special commendation, Town of Bristol – artwork for a plaque commemorating Captain Donna Lange’s courageous sail, Presented by Diane Mederos, Town Administrator
* Golden Circle Award presented by Commodore Ted Jones of the Joshua Slocum Society
* Honorary Life Membership presented by Vice Commodore Jack Walsh of the Southern Cross Owners Association
* Special Certificate from the National Women’s Sailing Association by Susan Daly
* Five year membership in the International Association of Cape Horners by Jane Pares

Donna’s hometown Time Union paper did an article on her and there was also one in Rhode Island’s Providence Journal. In my May 2007 issue of Cruising World, long time sailor Capt. Fatty Goodlander also wrote and article; I’ll attach it below. (personal note: I’ve subscribed to this magazine without missing an issue for 30 years — yes I was young when the sailing dream took hold)
Cruising World May 2007


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