Favorite Book from last couple years: Star Sand by Roger Pulvers

Posted By on April 28, 2018

While on the subject of reading and books StarSandRogerPulvers(after posting about Robert Kurson’s Rocket Men a couple days ago), I realized I didn’t really share much a book I read a couple years ago (mentioned briefly in 2016). Star Sand by Roger Pulvers  (May 2016) is currently a free Kindle download for Amazon Prime customers and is my favorite book from the last couple of years … followed closely by Dr. Francis Collins book The Language of God: A Scientist Presents Evidence for Belief. They are totally different types of books … but both excellent. FreeKindleStarSandBook

Star Sand is based on a fictional diary that was found in a cave on a small Japanese island more than a decade after World War II along with the remains of three people. The story begins with a 16 year old Japanese girl named Hiromi collecting star sand — fossilized star on the shore — when she sees two deserters from the army. They were holed up in a cave and she decides to care for these sick and starving men. The journal ends without resolution … until in 2011 a university student decides to investigate who the bodies found along side the journal in 1958 might be. The search leads her to a survivor and brings closure to the enjoyable story. It was easy to mistakenly read as if the story was true … helped by the fact I do not read much fiction anymore.

Here’s my tweet about the book back in May of 2016.


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