Presidents’ Day and ‘questionable’ trivia

Posted By on February 20, 2006

George Washington was actually born on February 11, but a bill drafted in 1968 becoming law in 1971 has created a day that celebrated two US Presidents: Washington and Lincoln. The final day picked to celebrate these men ended up being the 3rd Monday in February, but the name was never officially changed from “Washington’s Birthday” — although most calendars and Americans designate it as Presidents’ Day.

Interestingly, FoxNews broadcasted a Presidents’ Day trivia question this morning while announcing that President Bush was kicking off his week long push to promote alternative energy. I believe there were three President in the 20th century never to have held elected office prior to being President — how about you? (See clip below) It is good to see the bully pulpit being put to work in promoting something that ‘should,’ for the most part, receive universal support. Attention to our “petroleum addiction” from politicians is a good thing, but let’s leave the refinement of policy to scientists and engineers while we fire up capitalism and the sleeping US corporations to move this agenda along. If Americans can get to the moon in 10 years, certainly we can take a bite out of our oil importation?

President Bush begins week pushing alternative energy


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