Ferrari Crash Video, not the Malibu one

Posted By on March 11, 2006

Ferrari Enzo Malibu CrashI’m sure by now everyone has heard the story about the Ferrari Enzo that crashed along the Pacific Coast Highway in late February, but thought I would include a rather amusing video clip of a European Ferrari crash at the end of this post.

The story that was told by the ‘alleged’ passenger and car owner, Stefan Erikson, is intriging. According to Mr. Erikson, ‘Dietrich’ [no last name] was the driver who ran from the scene and excaped into the Malibu California hills. (yeah right) Who is this crazy ‘Dietrich’ and was he really racing a 626 HP Mercedes SLR at an estimated 160+ mph?

It seems that investigators doubt both the race and Dietrich. Sgt. Philip Brooks of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department was quote that they believe that Dietrich “no longer exists and that the Ferrari was racing by itself and there were no Mercedes.” Another clue is that only the driver’s side air bag had blood on it and Stefan Eriksson suffered a cut lip in the crash so DNA matching should assist in determining if Stefan Erikson was behind the wheel or not. This could twist this story one more time since Eriksson’s blood-alcohol level after the crash was .09, slightly more than the legal .08 limit. If you ask me, Mr. Eriksson should just be thankful to be alive.

Crackin’ up a Ferrari


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