For Sale: Enigma Machine

Posted By on March 31, 2006

Enigma MachineHow much would you pay for this ‘keyboard?’ Nope that’s not quite enough. Ebay has it listed for a few more dollars than you were thinking. ($19K?)
This item is priced for true collectors and most likely wealthy ones with an interested in items from World World II and Nazi Germany. Its and Enigma electrical cryptography machine. Obviously in looking at the bidding on Ebay the item is valued at a few more dollars than my first computers. I’ll post a photo of my first portable someday — and no its not a slide rule, although I did use one of those!

EnigmaThe Enigma electrical cryptography machine was used by the Germans in 1925 after realizig the British found it realtively easy to cracked their codes in World War I. The machine improved on the monoalphabetic ciphers (where letters are exchanged in a one-to-one fashion throughout a piece of text) by altering the cipher each time a new letter was encoded, giving the machine over 10,000,000,000,000,000 possible keys.

A best selling novel was written by Robert Harris and movie called Enigma with Dougray Scott and academy award winner Kate Winslet release in 2001.


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