Skiing the Canadian Rockies

Posted By on March 28, 2006

Sunshine Village Ski Lifts
Jeff, a good friend of mine had the gall to send back a few photos while skiing in Canadian Rockies today … then follow up with a phone call asking if he should dine on steak or seafood tonight. I recommend steak and hope you choke on it!
Not only am I stuck in rainy Ohio this week while he is up in Canada skiing and living the high life (literally … see continental divide photo below), my wife just so happened to phone me only moments while lounging on Delray Beach in Florida. Ouch, two jabs in one day — I’m doing something wrong?

Skiing the Continental Divide
Jeff took the photo above this morning from the Continental Divide, unfortunately the small sizes don’t do the photos justice. He is looking south from Sunshine Village in Alberta Canada. Sunshine Village is a popular ski resort situated 1½ hour west of Calgary in the Canadian Rockies; 15 minutes from Banff. The weather this time of year is warming slightly at the lower elevations, especially during the day, but still can be quite cold at the mountain peaks.
Skiing Sunshine Village
Have a good time bud … if I were more of a snow boarder or skier I’d really be jealous.


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