VW TDI Intake Manifold Teaser

Posted By on March 9, 2006

TDI How to teaserThe 2006 TDIClub and CinciTDI DVD is nearly ready to ship. The ‘teaser’ video clip is being posted here before being sent to the groups video pages. This is primarily to test the H.264 recorded ‘teaser’ clip in hopes to get a little feedback. Most Quicktime 7.0 users with relatively fast computers shouldn’t have problems with the higher quality/smaller size mp4 encoding codec. The”How To” teaser clip will soon be posted at the video section of the TDIClub and CinciTDI)

My concern is that a more heavily encoded, but higher quality H.264 version, of the ‘teaser’ will cause problems on some older computers? I’ll post the 3 minute 45 second clip below (Warning: audio comes on strong) and request that readers having trouble comment as to their browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Netscape), computer processor and speed.)


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