Long awaited Google Calendar is here

Posted By on April 14, 2006

Google Calendar
The long awaited Google Calendar was announced today and so I thought would give it a whirl. (sort of ho-hum) I’m not sure what I was expecting, but its just another place to place and share appointments and schedules. Obviously I’m going to need to tinker with it a bit longer, but so far I don’t think its a must have. (Gmail is another thing … its a must have in my opinion.)

Corner of Google CalendarThe Google calendar software is different from other online calendars because it allows users to maintain several calendars and integrated them with other web services and software. It enables a user selectable “who can view” option so you can share information. This might be great for clubs and organizations that use the google groups, but I’ve not notice Yahoo’s calendaring option really being used that much in their Groups email list service.

‘Calendaring’ could be an interesting way to integrate content and date oriented information into computer tools people use. Google Calendar comes with the capabilities of invitation software like Evite, and could quickly and friends and contacts to how people connect with busy schedules. I personally have contemplated a family schedule where each activity is plugged into the calendar and conflicts avoided. We’ll see, but unless someone uses Google calendar and allows importing that data into our family calendar, I doubt my family will plug each and every event in?

Here’s what Carl Sjogreen the project manager for Google Calendar thinks: “Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information, and what people have going on in their lives is very important for them.” Google Calendar may be a slow start for me, but it hasn’t been quite as disappointing as Google Video — yuck.


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