Trade Stocks: Win a Maserati Grand Sport

Posted By on April 4, 2006

Maserati Grand Sport
Are you a stock trader — or maybe a want to be stock trader? If so, you have eight weeks to build a fantasy portfolio that grows faster than anyone else in the nation and win a $110,000 Maserati (taxes paid). I really don’t want to give anyone else a heads up on this but considering the CNBC Porfolio Challenge website is overloaded this morning it doesn’t look to be a problem. (unfortunately they have been flooded with people signing on, trading, etc — looks like they didn’t plan for such extraordinary interest?)

The contest begins today, April 4th and will run for 4 months. If you can trade stocks and build a portfolio faster and larger than anyone else with a ‘fantasy million squawkbucks,’ then you’ll be the one driving off with a new Maserati. I might even retire my VW TDI for this Italian crafted 180mph performance luxury supercar.

Another tidbit for those wanting to participate is that each day there will be an additional 2000 ‘Squawk-BONUS-bucks’ added to your account “if you answer a question correctly.” Also if you answer five days a week correctly then you will then be given an additional bonus of 5000 more squawkbucks. So … if you start with a million, invest nothing but answer all five question for the week correctly you be up 15,000 for the week.

Here’s some help with the first bonus question and answer: How many of the Dow 30 stocks finished Q1 with a gain? 21
Good luck … but the Maserati is mine!


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