VW Jetta Safe Happens Ad: Effective?

Posted By on April 24, 2006

SafeHappensI spotted a Volkswagen Jetta advertisement that reminds me of the Volvo ads … stressing safety.An accident can happen at anytime and that selecting a car that is light and fuel efficient might not always be the wisest choice. Realizing just how much I spend on insurance “just in case” … perhaps a few dollars toward a safer vehicle isn’t a bad idea either?

Thankfully for most new car buyers, automobiles ‘over the board’ are far safer than their predecessors. Still, there are few cars that test a little better than others … I’ll point out a couple bias thoughts in case the fuel prices have anyone hybrid shopping:
1) The New Jetta scores top in cars of its size.
2) The VW diesel option (TDI) get over 40MPGs and is not a small underpowered car.
3) The TDI version runs diesel (or biodiesel) which is not nearly as dangerous or explosive in a crash.
4) The VW doesn’t have a high voltage electrical system and a gasoline tank — two items that do not go well together in an accident.
5) Statistics state that the average American is likely to be in FOUR accidents in their lifetime — which car do you want to be in.
6) Diesel vehicles have traditionally outlasted and retained their resale better than most.


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