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Posted By on May 1, 2006

Reynolds Split Sign
As we gear up for election day tomorrow, the Roger Reynolds campaign had a problem and creative solution — a solution that seems to be “just what the ‘lawyer’ ordered.” In our township (in SW Ohio) we have neighborhood regulations, just as in most areas I surmise, as to the size of signs allowed in a yard — several of the Reynolds for Auditor signs violated the township’s zoning code. (and of course foul was called by supporters of the sitting candidate, Kay Rogers) The Reynolds campaign was notified that the 16 square foot zone regulation limit was exceeded by many of his signs. The campaign began to think outside the box and the Reynold campaign decided that they could cut the signs in half, place them and inch a part and that their signs would remain legal.

It almost comical if not for the heavy negative campaigning (both sides) … I only hope that if Mr. Reynolds is elected that he’s not quite that creative with our county money??? (also to date, Monday before the election, not all signs by the Reynolds campaign have met the zoning regulations. According to the local paper there are at least 4 signs that still violate the 16 square foot limit.)

On a secondary note, the campaign is probably the ugliest local one I’ve ever seen. At first I thought it was Kay Rogers bashing Roger Reynolds with poor fiscal management … then the Reynolds campaign levied misleading ads describing Rogers as being involve in something criminal. (half truths, as the FBI is investigating, but Rogers has not been accused of any criminal wrongdoing.) Then the final straw … which could be serious … was an email death threat again Kay Roger. (see story) I’m looking forward to this being over … and don’t seem myself as the only local voter unable to confidently vote either person — maybe this will be my first ever write in vote???


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