Jumping on the ‘biofuel’ bandwagon

Posted By on May 25, 2006

tractorsMandating biofuels: It looks like the ‘politically correct’ thing to do … even though I also see it as a good thing to do. The Louisiana legislature looks to be proposing that their state use ethanol and biodiesel as production comes online. The House Bill 685 introduced by Rep. Francis Thompson would require that 2 percent of gasoline and diesel being sold in the state be of ethanol or biodiesel. Other states such as Minnesota already have laws mandating the use of domestic renewable fuels so this looks to be a trend.

(check out the article in the New Orleans online Times-Picayune)

Once production of ethanol or biodiesel within Louisiana reaches a certain level, House Bill 685 by Rep. Francis Thompson, D-Delhi, would require that 2 percent of all gasoline or diesel sold in Louisiana contain ethanol or biodiesel. While the proposal does not require retailers to sell the blended fuel to consumers, Agriculture Commissioner Bob Odom would be put in charge of a regulatory framework that would oversee sale of the products throughout the state.


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