An Encore dodger repair with Tear Mender and Sunbrella patches

Posted By on June 2, 2018

RainInFL180530aniAlthough it rained constantly over the Memorial Day weekend and practically the entire time I was in Florida working on the kitchen update, I did squeeze in a couple of minor hurricane prep items aboard Encore.

The canvas (spray dodger and bimini) is starting to show signs of wear, but a little tear maintenance will hopefully stretch replacing a little bit longer? The genoa jib sheet winches rub the dodger and wear through the 2-layers of Sunbrella so I’m trying a product call Bish’s Original Tear Mender. I’m using it with some extra material from the leftover generator cover as patches to reinforce this wear zone … would be best to redesign the dodger or move the winches … and that’s not going to happen! We’ll see if the wear patches hold up and rethink on the next full dodger cover.



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