Are you a Coffee or a Tea drinker? Coffee for me, please!

Posted By on June 1, 2022

CoffeeVSTeaWho doesn’t enjoy of teasing friends back and forth over foodie items? Here’s one that I’m going to debate with my friend Jeff … as he has always been a “Tea drinker” and I’ve been aCoffee guy.”

I’ll start with my pro-military, flag-waving “patriotic Americans drink coffee” position, and I’m sure he’ll lay out the health benefits are much better from teaor at least some teas … and it has a 3000 years of earlier history.

Anyway it is interesting to read a few of the facts and realized just how regional each preference can be. Personally I’ve hated tea ever since my mom made me sip it when I had an upset stomach … so even the smell now make me nauseous. #YMMV



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