Micron produces tiny, fast 8 megapixel sensor

Posted By on May 19, 2006

Micron CMOS SensorMicron Technology Inc. has built a thumbnail-sized digital sensor for pocket cameras and cell phones that will enable ‘bursts’ of up to 10 images per second at 8 megapixels according to a company press release. This is substantially higher than current sensors and according to the company will be produced next year in its facilities in Idaho and Italy.

According to a MSN article, “devices using the new chip should reach consumers by late 2007 and will feature high-speed, high-megapixel digital photography capabilities normally found in more expensive, single-lens reflex cameras.”

Currently most high end ‘picture-taking’ cell phones are capable of taking photos in the 1.2 megapixel range while still cameras are capable of capturing many more pixels … as long as its one photo. Micron’s new sensor includes a faster processor that eliminates usual point-and-shoot delays between taking pictures. That means users can shoot up to 10 images per second at 8-megapixel resolution or 30 frames per second at a resolution of 2-megapixels.

According to MSN, “The new sensor is a type of chip known as a “complementary metal-oxide semiconductor,” or CMOS. Analysts say the technology, which is also used in memory chips and microprocessors, will challenge the dominance of traditional light-sensing charge-coupled devices, or CCDs.”

Images are starting to become more common place, especially with younger consumers. The “mobile video” users will find that they will soon be able to shoot very high quality photos and video without having a dedicated camera or video camera. Cell phone may very well replace the point and shoot camera for a whole generation … and HD 30 frame video on a mobile device is not far behind.


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