Nasdaq: CLEN – Clean Energy Index

Posted By on May 19, 2006

CLEN IndexThe Nasdaq tracking index CLEN debuted on May 18th and is a tracking index similar to the QQQ only for Clean Energy companies. It contains companies who are producing renewable fuels, advanced storage devices, energy efficiency and advanced materials. The second step will be to build trading vehicles around this clean energy index. John Jacobs, Nasdaq Global Fund CEO, was interviews on Friday morning on CNBC and explained the selection of the 45 companies (35 from the Nasdaq/10 from the NYSE) currently being tracked in the index and the likelyhood that there will be an ETF (Exchanged Traded Fund) based on this index much like the QQQ.

As a pure play index, any kind of investment vehicle will most likely be a higher than average risk investment as the companies currently in the index are primarily small cap. The minimum 150 million market cap was set for companies to be considered for CLEN but it provides a trackable start for those of us seeing clean energy and related companies having future growth potential. Many ‘green’ oriented investors will jump at the chance to own a ETF based on this index as a way to diversify their holdings in clean-energy focused companies.
Two Day Chart of CLEN

CNBC with John Jacobs


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