Bob Hoover’s twin engine ‘glider’ aerobatics

Posted By on June 2, 2006

Bob Hoover Pours TeaI heard about Bob Hoover’s engine out aerobatics and pouring tea while doing a barrel roll on a BBC program and thankfully was able to find it on … you guessed it … (amazing place … one could really waste time there!) The twin-engine performance flying is impressive enough until you consider he does his low level aerobatic engines off! Nevertheless, he does comment that he’s had some close calls and lost some friends as there is no room for error. I suspect that these approaches are not sanctioned by the FAA in this country so think twice before ‘playing glider’ with your twin engine airplane.

EDIT 6/5/2006: Good friend and ‘all things aviation’ guru Bob Luken pointed out to me that Mr. Hoover has substantial flying history; the wikipedia link that Bob email me has also convinced me that my email source of Hoover being a British pilot was wrong too. Thanks Bob.


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