Romanian Handicapped Ministries & Giving Dolls

Posted By on June 13, 2006

The Giving Doll projectIt felt good today to put two people together that have complementing ministries. Jerry Skinner, the founder and tireless advocate for Romanian Handicapped Ministries (RHM), and Jan Householder and her ‘talented team of ladies’ who make dolls for the Giving Doll project. (see Cleveland Sun News article) Each summer, as well as other times during the year, Jerry takes volunteers from teens to pastors over to Constanta, Romania in a mission to “bring a hope and a future” to handicapped children and young adults. The mission has grown over the years from just visiting and sharing time with forgotten handicapped children to developing a day center that can offer medical care as well as an in-country point of contact for the handicapped in Constanta.

Constanta, RomaniaIn a couple weeks, the team heading overseas will take several lovingly handcrafted dolls overseas with them. If past small gifts are any sign of how these dolls will be received, I suspect the dolls will find loving arms and wonderful smiles. It is a wonderful gift of time and talent by both ministries. The tireless work to sew and make ‘one of a kind’ dolls is a tremendous gift of love and caring; same for the group traveling to the children that will receive the dolls … their time, money and effort in sharing love and compassion with forgotten handicapped children is a wonderful way to emulate the teachings of Jesus.
On a side note: Jerry is my brother-in-law 🙂


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