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Posted By on July 10, 2006

biofuels in OhioTobia Bucknell of BloggingOhio posted on biofuels in Ohio and how they fit in with our agricultural heritage. Considering Ohio is one of the top ten states in both corn and soybean production, we have much to gain in “growing” (pun intended) the biodiesel and ethanol markets. Mr. Bucknell highlighted several articles from Ohio farming community newspapers pointing to the industry expansion in right in our backyard. ASAlliance Biofuels LLC is building a “$120 million facility that will take some 40 million bushels of corn from local farmers for its operation.” Whether its producing crops for his facility, farmers like Ron Rockhold runs biodiesel in “all his vehicles, along with a handful of other farmers.” Tobias Bucknell stresses that “they do it because they indicate it burns cleaner, gums up their equipment less, and many of them believe it is more patriotic to invest in biodiesel which is American-made.”

It’s nice to see articles mentioning what Ohio farmers and local industry are doing to promote clean, renewable, domestic fuel. Let’s circulate the dollars here at home, keep our the air clean and do something about reducing our dependence on foreign oil.


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