Field testing Biodiesel Fuel

Posted By on July 5, 2006

CytoCultureBiodiesel Magazine published an article their April 2006 issue titled “Simple, effective B100 quick field test available.CytoCulture International has developed “a practical tool for use throughout the entire biodiesel supply chain.” It is a handy field test, available now (see below), that according to the author is “effective and simple.”

pHLip TestThe test, called the pHLip Test by its creator, uses visual identification in a test vial. The most practical test is one that determines the age of biodiesel — the most acidic the sample, the older the biodiesel. As pH level drops, the solution changes from red to orange and eventually yellow if the biodiesel is more acidic … older.
Another test is for the left over catalyst. When trace amounts of hydroxide are still present, the indicator color changes from red to purple if too much catalyst is still left in the fuel. Other indicators are tests for soaps, monoglycerides, diglycerides adn triglycerides. These test require visual inspection of residues and is less definitive, yet a good indicator of a less than ASTM standards fuel.

The pHLip Test is available for around $50 at B100 Supply.


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