U of Minnesota Solar Car heading to Taiwan

Posted By on July 8, 2006

Borealis 3
I’m cheering for a group of students from University of Minnesota who will be racing their entry, Borealis III on September 17th in the World Solar Rally. Last year they took 2nd place in a 2005 race from Austin Texas to Calgary, Canada and have rebuilt and modified their vehicle in order to compete in Taiwan. The project manager, Patrick O’Connor and his team held a press event to show off their evolving project with the press this past week. Project vehicles are judged on a variety of factors including style, use of technology and overall race efficiency.

University students have been working on Borealis III since January 2004. The U of M Solar Vehicle Project was founded by a group of undergraduates in the Institute of Technology in 1990. The team is an undergraduate project and remains true to its origins as a student administered, designed and built project that teaches members about engineering and management in a complete product development environment.

University of Minnesota & BorealisIII- FoxNews


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