Don’t see many of these VWs in Ohio

Posted By on August 31, 2006

VW Pointer in NE OH rear
Lately I’ve been looking for excuses to click a photo or two with my handy dandy Palm Treo 700p, so today spotted an unusual Volkswagen for North America: a VW Gol – Pointer “City” 5 door station wagon.

VW Pointer
The Volkswagen Gol (not to be confused with Golf) derived its name from the Portugese word ‘Golo’ according the information in Wilkipedia. It is Volkswagen’s entry level car in South American and can run on ethanol, natural gas or gasoline in its small 4 cylinder engines. It has been manufactured with several generation changes since 1980 in Brazil and is the best selling car in both Brazil and Argentina. About 4.5 million have been produced. The wagon model above has the ‘city’ engine option which offers a bit better fuel economy.

Let me know if you’ve seen them in North America, particularly the newer models. (early Pointers were rebadged Ford Escorts)


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