Friday night High School Football games

Posted By on September 9, 2006

Taylor and Michael ready for the HS Football Game
The memories of Friday night High School football — not that I ever looked quite like these two. (or was I that goofy?) The week comes to an end and the Friday night game is still a big deal in my hometown(ship). Even with Lakota East having a 0-2 season two games into the year the school spirit still seems high … as you can tell from my son and his buddy. They sure had fun dressing and painting themselves with school colors in order to help cheer on their team this first “home” game of the season. When I questioned if they were permitted to look like this I received the reply, “We can do this now since we’re upper classmen.”

Oh to be young again and BTW … Lakota East beat neighboring Mason 20-10.

Taylor painted up


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