Volkswagen receives top J.D.Power honor

Posted By on September 11, 2006

J D PowerIn keeping with the VW posts, J.D Power annouced that Volkswagen Ranks Highest in a new Automotive Environmental Index. According to J.D.Power and Associates “2006 Alternative Powertrain Study,” Volkswagen of America is the industry’s most environmentally friendly automaker. Volkswagen placed three products on the list of low emission vehicles which included the Golf, Jetta and New Beetle gasoline, diesel and hybrid powered vehicles.

The study includes EPA data as well as “voice-of-the-customer” information. A quote from Dr. Wolfgang Bernhard, chairman of the Volkswagen brand stated that “The ‘Alternative Powertrain Study’ is testament to our intensive and global commitment in the area of economic engines. And this innovative strength continues to have an impact, via our range of TDI vehicles. No other manufacturer has sold more diesel cars in the United States and that upward trend continues.” Volkswagon has in particular lead in the diesel area with its top selling American models that to date have little if any competition from other foriegn or domestic brands. From the economical 1.9 liter TDI 4 cylinder engines to the first SUV with a particule filter, the V10 TDI Touareg — Volkswagen to date pretty much owns the entire US passenger car diesel market.

See full J.D.Power Report.


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