Akismet Spam Filter for Blogs

Posted By on October 22, 2006

Anyone familiar with computers, the Internet and email no doubt has first hand experience with the headaches in figuring out how to handle Spam. I’ve yet to come up with a perfect solution in managing my personal email that prevents accidental deletions of important emails, but have developed a reasonable set of personal filters in the open-source Thunderbird client.
Akismet Spam control
Email is not the only place people struggle with managing spam. For example, in my WordPress blog, I receive a fair amount of unwanted advertising posted as comments. It been tetious to scan through the list daily and find only legitimate comments. Yesterday I installed a ‘plug-in’ call Akismet and so far it deserves high praise. In 24 hours it was able to tag with 100% accuracy all spam (see screen shot above). I can recommend it to anyone looking for a way to keep ‘comments’ open, yet controlling unwanted spam; give it a try if you have a blog.


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