Columbus Ohio buses to sport biodiesel ads

Posted By on October 10, 2006

Ohio Soybeans
The Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA), which operate 234 buses in and around Columbus Ohio are running a 50 percent soy biodiesel and 50 percent petroleum this fall. (B50) The Transit Authority has recently announced that the Ohio Soybean Council along with Nexsol Biodiesel (Peter Cremer North American, Cincinnati, Ohio) will be sponsoring a public awareness campaign on their buses.

SoybeansSoy biodiesel is an alternative, clean and renewable fuel which can be using in diesel engines from trucks and buses to farm implements and industrial equipment. Using biodiesel directly impacts Ohio’s economy by keeping Ohio dollars in Ohio. The soybean is an important crop to Ohio farmers and it can be processed in several locations throughout the state. The final product is then used most often in combination with petroleum diesel as an alternative fuel throughout Ohio. Two Ohio cities are notable biodiesel users — Columbus and Cincinnati. (see comment last year about Cincinnati Metro) Central Ohio Transit Authority pulled out all the stops this summer by running B90 in their fleet … that’s 90% BIODIESEL! (it is the highest percentage out of any fleet in the nation) Besides cleaner emissions and reduced dependence on foreign oil … COTA is saving money. They estimated that buy running biodiesel that they are savings $400,000 a year. Outstanding!

(Source: Ohio Soybean Council and COTA)


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