Google confirms buying YouTube

Posted By on October 9, 2006

Google ChartConfirmation of the Google/YouTube rumor has been announced today after market close. The $1.65 billion dollar stock deal is Google’s large purchase ever and pushes them to #1 in delivering online video. In only two years YouTube blasted into the market without any particular business plan becoming a favorite site for 100 million videos per day. Nearly 40 million people view and upload clips daily on their servers. As I said before, the bandwidth bill must be enormous.

EDIT 10/9/2006: An reader sent me an email that mentioned a Forbes article that concluded that the bandwidth for YouTube in early 2005 was running about $1 million dollars a month for its 200 terabytes per day. I’ve also heard that during the summer of 2006 YouTube was at around 400 terabytes per day … so its conceivable that bandwidth might be close to $2 million per month.


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